Thursday, August 30, 2012

Facing Oxycontin Addiction As a Woman

Oxycontin addiction can be devastating for women, especially women who feel that they are on guard about substance abuse. There are many avenues for a woman to become addicted to prescription drugs. Some women take prescription drugs after surgery or after an injury and become dependent upon them. Other women begin taking prescription drugs in place of other illegal substances to get the same high. Still other women casually use prescription drugs at the instance of a friend or loved one that was helped by the pain medication. Although Oxycontin is only legally available through a physician, many, many women find ways to obtain the drug without the knowledge of their primary care doctor.
OxyContin Addiction & Women Oxycontin addiction affects so many women because the drug is easily available either through legal or illegal means. Legally, the drug is regularly prescribed, even for minor injuries or surgery, by healthcare professionals who want to ease their patient's pain and suffering. Illegally, OxyContin pills are sold on the street, sometimes for more than $40 a pill.
Unfortunately, OxyContin addiction is growing not only from women who suffer from substance abuse, but also as a drug of choice for women attempting to take their own life. A report release by SAMHSA in 2011, indicated a 210% increase in suicide attempts by women using Oxycontin. Women who attempted suicide using Vicodin, another commonly abused prescription drug, rose 67%.
Women who become pregnant while suffering from OxyContin addiction have special concerns as the drug does get passed to the baby. Pregnancy affects a women's lifestyle and habits, and many women find that they need to change their lifestyle to protect their baby en utero. Many physicians will ask questions about a woman's lifestyle during prenatal visits, a woman should answer these questions openly and honestly, even if she is suffering from substance abuse or alcoholism.
Coping As A Woman Women who suffer from Oxycontin addiction may not even recognize the signs and symptoms of their addiction. They may realize that they are using the drug frequently, but may have difficulty admitting how frequently or through what means they are getting the drug. OxyContin addiction, like other addictions, can cause women do to things they wouldn't normally do and engage in behaviors that they would otherwise feel are inappropriate.
Women suffering from OxyContin addiction during pregnancy can enter a rehab program and start a path to recovery before they give birth. Rehab during pregnancy is no more difficult or challenging while pregnant, and is always the best thing to do for a baby's health. Women suffering from addiction often find that a women's specific treatment facility is the best way for them to get the help that they need to overcome their chemical dependency and get on the right track. OxyContin addiction is often found alongside other women's health issues like anxiety, depression or eating disorders. Women's drug rehab facilities that focus on treating women's health instead of just "health" are better equipped to handle these kinds of situations and are more likely to have group counseling sessions aimed at the emotional concerns of women.

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