Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Best Way to Choose Your Baby's Gender

If you're hoping to conceive a baby girl or conceive a baby boy you've probably spent some time reading about natural gender selection techniques. It can get overwhelming -- even downright mind-boggling to try and sort through all of the options out there! Which techniques are the best? What will really give you the best chance of getting the son or daughter you've dreamed of?
The Best Gender Selection Technique
Out of all the varied strategies to choose your baby's gender, diet is the one that will make the most difference in your chances at conceiving a boy or girl. Why?
First, diet is supported by research. Science has consistently shown that, while you can't 100% choose your baby's gender naturally, you can greatly increase your chances of getting the gender you desire. There is really a way to boost your chances of getting a girl or boost your chances of getting a boy.
The research that shows this most strongly is research on diet. There are a number of studies showing statistically significant evidence in favor of diet.
There are also many, many mothers (and fathers) in the world who have desired to have a daughter or son as part of their family. These families have tried different techniques to get their dreamed-of baby, and many have found that diet made a profound impact on their bodies and helped them conceive the gender they hoped for -- even after getting multiple babies of the opposite gender!
Some Promising Diet Tips
The diets most supported by science show that boys are conceived when there's more food and more nutrients. Girls are conceived when moms are eating less calories and getting fewer nutrients. These dietary findings line up with theories about past gender ratio changes, too.
If you'd like a girl, it's best to eat a low-calorie diet that provides fewer calories -- around 1,500 to 1,800 calories a day. This low level is still plenty to keep your fertility high, but fits with scientific findings on girl conceptions. Also try to eat plant-based proteins and plenty of grains, which give you the lower nutrient levels the "girl diet" needs.
If you'd like a boy, go ahead and get a high-calorie diet. In fact, you want dramatically more calories -- around 2,400+ calories a day. This is similar to the caloric requirement in pregnancy. Don't think that you can get this all with junk foods, though. It's important that your diet be nutrient dense. Get your calories from animal proteins and nourishing, homemade foods that are packed with protein and vegetables. Some healthy saturated fats, like butter and coconut oil, will help increase testosterone which boosts chances for a boy.

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